The best nail enhancer to repair and extend damaged nails in 2021

2021-12-15 00:13:58 By : Mr. Yong Lang

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We tested top brands to find treatments that will help you get longer, stronger nails

The secret to making nails look healthier is to make them stronger by avoiding peeling or premature breakage. If your nails don't look the best, it may be time to try intensive treatments to repair the damage.

Nail enhancers come in many forms-from creams to oils to polishes-so you can find the one that suits you best, with some extra TLC for your tips.

GHI tested them, and here is the winning formula:

Just like our skin and hair, when we don’t drink enough water, our nails will become brittle and dry, so we must drink two liters a day.

Peeling off gel nails or using acrylic without interruption between appointments can also weaken them. Make sure to remove them professionally, or give them a proper DIY removal process.

It is also necessary to wear rubber gloves when handling detergents and bleaches, because excessive exposure to these chemicals can soften the nails, causing them to crack or break.

Notice that your nails need to grow forever? You may be deficient in vitamin C. Make sure your diet includes foods rich in vitamin C, including peppers and broccoli. Taking supplements may also help improve the quality of nails, skin, and hair.

However, all these methods require a little patience. On the other hand, strengthening products can have a huge impact on the appearance of nails within a few weeks.

Most intensive treatments include protein and nourishing oils to help relieve any brittleness and peeling, making nails look and feel stronger.

We have also noticed whether the following products contain formaldehyde, phthalates and toluene. They are most commonly found in industrial cleaning products, so it is understandable to be bored with applying them to the skin, but in beauty products, they are used to extend the shelf life. Although their reputation is indeed a bit bad, they do not cause any damage in this low potency or in this form.

Our team of 770 women tested 42 brands of nail enhancer in one month. They judge each product based on how easy it is to apply it, how long it takes to dry, and whether there is any improvement in nail strength. They also noticed whether these products help peeling or flaking, and whether they have an effect on smoothness.

Our successful formula is rich in protein, designed to seal and prevent breakage. We found it fulfilled this promise and were impressed with how well it kept the nails intact. 

Some testers also found nail growth, while others appreciated its luster and durability. For best results, use it as a primer.

Main specification type: Polishing agent Volume: 18 ml Application: A thin layer, used for cleaning and drying nails. Phthalate-free: Yes, Toluene-free: Yes, Formaldehyde-free: Yes

Testers like this luxurious primer because it prevents breakage and makes nails look strong and healthy with just one swipe. It not only adds luster to the nails, but also makes the surface look smoother. 

It took more than two weeks for the testers to notice that the overall condition of their nails had improved, but at the end of the test, 94% were satisfied. 

Main specification type: Polishing agent Volume: 10ml Application: As a primer No phthalates: Yes No toluene: Yes No formaldehyde: Yes

This oil claims to soften hard skin and moisturize nails and surrounding skin, making it the first choice for people with dry hands. 

In the test, it lived up to expectations and was rated as the best moisturizing product. All testers found that it can relieve dry nails without causing any irritation. Testers found that this oil is also quickly absorbed by the skin, helping to improve the condition of the stratum corneum. 

Main specifications type: Oil volume: 14.3ml Application: Massage the stratum corneum and hands every day. No Phthalates: Yes No Toluene: Yes No Formaldehyde: Yes

This polish can be used as a primer or top coat to make nails look stronger and more even. It does take more than two weeks to see the results, but an impressive 79% said it makes nails stronger and helps prevent the usual peeling and breakage. 

Main specification type: Polishing agent Volume: 13.5 ml Application: As a primer or top coat, no phthalates: Yes, no toluene: Yes, no formaldehyde: Yes

This polish is the main product of celebrity manicurists and can provide better nail results. Testers liked the healthy tone it provided, and an impressive 94% said it made uneven nails look and feel smoother. One tester even discovered that it immediately prevented their nails from peeling.

Main specification type: Polishing agent Volume: 10ml Application: As a primer No phthalates: Yes No toluene: Yes No formaldehyde: Yes

Our testers promise not only to make nails shine like diamonds, but also to be as strong as them. Our testers evaluated the effect of instant strengthening. 

Our panel of experts believes that it instantly makes nails more elastic and prevents breakage. 74% of people experience less peeling. Some people think that it does not improve the long-term condition of nails very well, but if you are looking for a quick repair method, it is the ideal choice.

.Main specification type: Polish Volume: 13.3ml Application: alone or as a primer. No phthalates: Yes No toluene: Yes No formaldehyde: Yes

The compact design of this serum is very popular among testers, and the brush applicator makes it ideal for use on the go. Our group thinks it is nourishing and not greasy, and 79% said it keeps their nails hydrated. They were also impressed by its strengthening ability, with 79% of people saying that it made their nails look and feel stronger. 

Main specifications type: Serum Volume: 7.5 ml Application: Massage the stratum corneum without phthalates: Yes No toluene: Yes No formaldehyde: Yes

This is another quick fix. If you don't have enough time, our testers have found that this oil has the fastest positive effect on their nails. After just a week, their condition improved. All testers said it promoted hydration, and 75% reported stronger nails. 

Many people say that it also helps relieve dry and chapped hands, which is essential after using a dry antibacterial gel. Another benefit is that this multi-purpose oil can be used on the elbows, feet, knees-you can use it. 

Main specifications type: oil volume: 7.4ml application: massage to the stratum corneum without phthalates: yes without toluene: yes without formaldehyde: yes

The promise is a "single-layer repair" solution for damaged nails. The testers found that the polish meets their claimed requirements and found that their nails were different in just one week. 

Testers who were damaged by gel or acrylic resin also noticed the difference, and everyone said that their nails looked stronger after use. 

Main specifications type: Polishing agent Volume: 14ml Application: alone or as a primer No phthalates: Yes No toluene: Yes No formaldehyde: Yes

If manicure is scared because of the sensitivity of the cuticle, then this mild oil should solve the problem. All our testers reported zero irritation when using it and stated that it helps to improve the appearance of the stratum corneum and reduce nail peeling. 

They describe the texture as "luxury", but due to the form of the pump, some people find it difficult to dispense the right amount at once. However, if you wish, you can also put a handy pen in your handbag.  

Main specifications type: Oil volume: 18ml Application: Massage to the stratum corneum Free of phthalates: Yes No toluene: Yes No formaldehyde: Yes

If you choose the texture of the cream, the testers found that the cream will be absorbed by the stratum corneum immediately without any greasy feeling. Testers also noticed differences in their nail strength after two weeks, with 71% reporting less damage. One tester even said that it improved their ridged nails, which made them feel less fragile.

Main specification type: Cream Volume: 30ml Application: Massage to the stratum corneum and hands. No Phthalates: Yes No Toluene: Yes No Formaldehyde: Yes

Want stronger nails, but don't want to compromise on color? Our testers found that this polish is very suitable as a primer, so you can get that color and know that your nails are still nourished underneath. 

After two weeks, 83% of people said their nails felt more elastic, and 65% found that it helped prevent tearing. 

Main specification type: Polishing agent Volume: 15ml Application: As a primer or top coat without phthalates: Yes, no toluene: Yes, no formaldehyde: Yes

Peacci two-in-one primer, 82/100, £10

Nails inc Superfood Repair Oil Moisturizing Nail Care, 82/100, £15

Morgan Taylor Daily Elixir, 82/100, £14.95

Nail HQ protection and restoration, 81/100, £7.99

Leighton Denny Rock-solid nail strengthening primer, 80/100, £12

Essie Treat Love color protection nail polish, 80/100, £8.99

Dr. Organic Tea Tree Nail, 80/100, £5.99

Revlon Nail Care Multi-function Care and Top Coat, 79/100, £7.99

Typology Hand & Nail Serum 1% vegetable keratin + 2% hyaluronic acid, 78/100, £11.80

OPI natural nail enhancer, 77/100, £15.50

Nailberry The Cure Ultimate nail curing agent, 76/100, £19.50

JASON Purifying Tea Tree Nail Polish, 75/100, £5.99

Rimmel nail polish care is stronger, 71/100, 4.49 pounds