Google Photos 3D Cinematic Memories can now fill in missing background details

2021-12-15 00:13:34 By : Ms. Maggie Hu

Thanks for the magic of machine learning

Google Photos is essential, magical, and sometimes even a little frustrating, when it reminds you of the past. Among them, Google Photos highlights "memories", which brings together photos of a certain type, time or date, sometimes with interesting effects. One of them is a movie photo, which creates a slow dramatic zoom or pan 3D effect from a 2D photo. Soon, due to machine learning, the missing background details in these movie photos will be filled in to get even more magical effects.

The movie photo filter was first launched at the end of 2020. If you haven't seen its actual effect before, it is actually very cool.

You can't actively look for an effect to intentionally apply it to the image, but Google Photos can automatically select a good one (seems always a portrait), and finally, turn that 2D image into a slowly zoomed 3D video effect and apply it to the subject . However, in the 2D to 3D extrapolation, a single flat image cannot accurately describe all the texture details required for the content behind the background or foreground objects in the new 3D scene. Sometimes you will see parts of the background end up being stretched or blurred to fill in the gaps. This is why Google introduced a change that allows Google Photos to fill in details that are not all captured by machine learning — possibly with the new Pixel Magic Eraser functions similarly.

In the example provided by Google, this means that the 3D effect can be more vivid, providing more flexibility for the virtual camera to move in the scene.

Google also re-announced a new People & Pets widget, which will be launched for Android this week. It allows you to enjoy a stable and updated photo stream of specific people or animals in your life. Therefore, if like me, you keep taking pictures of your cats for no reason, then you can further enjoy the fun of displaying them on the home screen for no reason. (The whole concept may be more suitable for people with children or more interesting pets.)

The announcement of this feature was published today in a longer post on the Google blog. The post also highlighted other existing features, such as the ability to fine-tune memories to exclude specific times, people, or memory types-including what we just mentioned Those movie photos. So nothing can stop you just stop every reminder about how things went back to the past.

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