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2022-09-04 08:23:01 By : Mr. Kyle Chan

The last thing you want to be worrying about is your lipstick smudging, whether you are busy with back-to-back meetings or are spending your day sightseeing. In the morning, the colour of your lipstick appears vibrant and fresh; but, as the day wears on, it begins to fade, leaving you with nothing but a dreadful outline. However, there is a proper way to apply lipstick that will guarantee that it stays on all day. 

The telltale indicators of lipstick gone awry include fading, smearing, fading, or terrible teeth marks. Fortunately, there are strategies for achieving gorgeously brilliant lips that endure all day and all night.

Here's how to lengthen your lipstick:

Use a sugar scrub, such as Lip Strip by Laura Geller New York, to exfoliate your lips. Abby advises applying the scrub, letting it rest, and then wiping it away with a damp washcloth. Another option is to apply a nourishing lip balm. For any lipstick to adhere, a sugar lip scrub generates a moisturised and smooth surface. With its conditioning components, the mild scrub will buff away roughness and leave lips smooth, helping to prevent post-lipstick dryness as well.

It's time to prime your lips after exfoliating them and applying a gentle lip balm. Apply a very small amount of sheer foundation or concealer all over your lips. This will produce a smooth and even base for your lipstick and fill up any lip gaps. Although this step is optional, if you ask us, it would unquestionably be our first suggestion for the age-old question of "how to make lipstick stay longer."

Professionals advise using lip liners to prevent colour fading. Like butter, and dual pencils The Sensual Nude shade of LONDON's Plush Rush Lip Liner is long-lasting, moisturising, and water-resistant. Correct lip liner application is the trick. The advice from Abby is to "line and totally fill in the lips with a liner." She advises "lining and filling in the lips with a lip liner similar to this before applying the lipstick" for the greatest results. This guarantees the ideal lip colour that not only looks amazing but also endures.

Blot and set your lips

Blot and repeating are crucial if you want to prepare your red lip for long-term success. Apply your red lipstick in a single coat, then use a tissue to gently wipe the colour. Apply a second layer of lipstick after that. To acquire deep red colour in every crease and crack, it works even better if the second coat is applied using a "dab and twist" technique.

Choose the best Lipstick shade according to your skin tone!

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