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2021-12-15 00:14:14 By : Mr. Smileda Smileda

Jenny McCarthy tells people about the mission behind her new brand, Formless Beauty

Jenny McCarthy makes beauty less complicated.

Today, the 48-year-old actress will launch her own cosmetics brand, Formless Beauty, with products that meet the standards of true clean beauty.

McCarthy admitted in an exclusive discussion about the release: “There are many celebrity brands out there, but not all of them are vegan and cruelty-free, so I am proud of my brand.”

McCarthy's product line is not only environmentally friendly, but also made of ingredients that are familiar and easy to understand for cosmetic enthusiasts. Intangible beauty is also made in the U.S.

"There are many [cosmetics series] that come out and say that we are natural and organic, but when you look at the ingredients, I say,'I can't pronounce it,'" McCarthy said about what inspired her to explore the beautiful world. "I think people really think there is a disconnect between natural and pure things, so I said,'I want to create a series that contains components that you can actually pronounce.'"

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Formless Beauty launched three lip glosses for the first time-all shades of pink.

"I'm a little addicted to lip gloss," McCarthy joked to people. "I have been applying it."

Each color is named with a specific intent: Manifest, Dream and Love-and is made from elements such as shea butter and grapefruit seeds.

"You can pronounce the ingredients!" McCarthy repeated. "This is lip gloss, you know, it's on your mouth. You are ingesting it," McCarthy continued, adding that she wanted to make sure that the wearer clearly knew what they were applying on their skin.

McCarthy also hopes to spread enthusiasm through her product line, because the glossy name encourages affirmative practices.

"When you apply it, you say the word, you feel the word, and [hope] save it in your mind. We are putting on makeup all day, so I think the naming gloss will be exhilarating Keeping [the wearer] consistent is a bit of using it as a meditation," McCarthy said.

The TV host shared that she often practices affirmative sentences, writes life words on sticky notes, and keeps them at home as a reminder.

"I just think this is something I really want to include. I think it can have an additional impact on people's lives because it can remind people of love, dreams and performance."

Explain the reasoning behind her-McCarthy said she wanted to start with something practical, something she couldn't bear.

"They are all in the same pinky family, but they can be used for different purposes. Who doesn't like beautiful pink gloss? When you want to add pop elements, Dream exudes a sense of fashion. Manifest is when you feel There are small gold dots in it when it shines. Love is my first choice for wearing all day. I always keep it in my wallet," McCarthy said.

Just listening to McCarthy's words, her enthusiasm for her product line is obvious. She shared with people that the invisible beauty is all about her-not just the brand behind her name.

"This is me and a person. I do all my own digital advertising on Instagram, I am taking pictures, and I am learning how to edit. I love it, I really fall in love with this process. This is what I really come from my heart Things," McCarthy said.

While cultivating her "baby", McCarthy said that this process reminded her of her own beautiful evolution.

"When I was growing up, I only used Dove soap and drugstore cosmetics, and then of course, entering this [Hollywood] business I started using very thick foundations and very heavy products. Now, as I grow older, I 'Be more conscious and aware of things on my face."

"You no longer need [heavy] coverage," McCarthy shared. "You have fine lines and wrinkles now, and you need something moisturizing. When I'm not working, I like a more natural look. I usually only apply lip gloss."

When Formless Beauty started using lip gloss, McCarthy was already planning for the future.

"I have learned a lot through this process. I now know how much science is still developing, and we are still discovering what happens when something enters our system-this is something I keep in mind when I expand the product line." The mission is to crack the code, make cosmetics not only magical and beautiful, but also healthy. I hope you choose my brand because yes, it looks great, but it is good for you. "

McCarthy is not the only person in her family who cares about beauty. She jokingly revealed that her husband Donny Wahlberg had stolen her beauty products.

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"You know it's funny because actors are used to makeup. So, Downey will want to use a stirring sponge or even my eyebrow pencil. However, his favorite is my moisturizer."