I had no idea I was pregnant until I went for a bikini wax

2022-10-10 09:59:46 By : Ms. Maggie Yi

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A woman has revealed how she had no idea she was pregnant until she went for a bikini wax.

TikTok user Laura, who goes by the name crimpytoses, had been in the middle of her first-ever Brazilian wax aged 17 when the beautician made the discovery.

“Here’s how I found out I was pregnant from getting my first Brazilian wax,” she said in the TikTok that has since had more than 25,500 views.

“I was 17, I was super awkward and I was wearing a short skirt so I was like, ‘can I keep my skirt on and just pull it up and I’ll take my underwear off?’.”

Laura said the waxing was “super painful” and it felt hot on her skin so she kept crying out in pain despite the beautician promising her the wax was not too hot at all.

“Finally, she looks at me and she’s like, ‘You’re not pregnant, are you?’,” Laura continued.

“And I was like absolutely not!”

But then Laura had to really think about when her last period was and she realized she really could be pregnant.

“I had it confirmed,” she said, “But the first person to even suspect it was the lady doing the Brazilian wax because she was like, ‘bish, you weak!'”

Commenters on TikTok expressed their shock and some shared their own stories about the strange ways they found out they were pregnant, too.

“My friend found out from her sugaring lady she was pregnant because her color changed down there and she was a regular,” commented one person.

Another added, “OMG what a way to find out!”

“I thought they were going to say you were really swollen down there,” chimed in another.

One person recalled, “I’ve been getting waxed for years but immediately stopped when I fell pregnant. It was sooo painful!”

Another added: “A friend thought she was [pregnant] and wanted to do a test but didn’t want to do it alone, so she asked me to do it with her.”

This article was originally published on Kidspot, and has been republished here with permission.