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You can get the e-magazine link on WhatsApp. Click here for TOP NEWS Cryogenic Freezing and Cooling System-Uses and Benefits Friday, May 28, 2021, 13:00 [IST] Joshna Joseph Cryogenic freezing is a food preservation technology that involves liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide or two Chlorodifluoromethane is used as a refrigerant at extremely low temperatures (about -196 degrees Celsius), which helps to quickly remove heat from the product and form small ice crystals. Low-temperature freezing of food began in the 1960s, and about 6% of the world's food is low-temperature freezing. In normal mechanical freezing, the refrigerant cools the air around the product and then freezes the product, while cryogenic freezing involves directly freezing the product by spraying cold refrigerant on the product. Compared with mechanical freezers, low-temperature freezing can cause small ice crystals to form in the product. The cryopreservation of food (plants and animals) is the only good food preservation method that can preserve fresh food for a longer period of time without affecting the quality of the food. Traditional food freezing preservation will affect the quality of food, such as product shrinkage, hardening or loss of tenderness, product shelf life, microbial activity, drip loss and dehydration loss. All of these are the main problems in traditional food freezing that the freezing technology overcomes. The fluid used to freeze food materials is called refrigerant, which requires special care and all safety measures when handling. If the cryogen comes into contact with the skin, it may burn the skin, and if it comes into contact with the eyes, it may cause vision loss. There are four types of low-temperature freezer a) Cabinet freezer-minimum temperature is -150 degrees Celsius. b) Tunnel freezer-In this type, the product passes through the conveyor belt in the tunnel, and the liquid refrigerant is sprayed or poured on the product. The minimum temperature is -100 degrees Celsius. c) Spray freezer-In this type, the refrigerant is usually liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide sprayed directly on the food. d) Immersion freezer-food is taken out and immersed in a bath filled with refrigerant through a conveyor belt. Unpackaged food is immersed in cryogenic liquid. The use of cryogenic liquids for rapid cooling of raw materials helps reduce food safety issues by preventing the growth of spoilage-causing microorganisms. In the food industry, tunnel freezers are usually used because the production speed is not disturbed and continues. Food cryogenic freezing has many applications in the food industry. In the dairy industry, the refrigerant is directly added to the ice cream mixture or sherbet during stirring. Facts have proved that adding the refrigerant directly to the mixture can prevent deterioration during storage. Initially, the food is rapidly cooled to below zero degrees Celsius, and then it slows down until it reaches the critical temperature. After the critical temperature is exceeded, the temperature begins to drop rapidly. The faster the process, the less damage to the product. The commercial application of refrigeration technology has been carried out by developed countries and has achieved success. Low-temperature freezing is also used in the marine and meat industries, fish and meat cleaning and low-temperature freezing and export. Preserving fruits and vegetables and other perishable foods at low temperatures can extend the shelf life of the product and maintain the quality of the product. The droplets of refrigerant are inserted into the packaging material of the food to quickly evaporate and replace the internal air packaging, and at the same time make microorganisms Cannot grow in food. Low temperature freezing is becoming more and more important in spice grinding. Due to the heat generated during the grinding process, the grinding of the spices leads to the loss of volatile flavor components in the spices. In addition, the fat content of the spices is also a problem because the grinding does not produce a uniform spice powder. Low-temperature freezing of spices involves injecting refrigerant directly into the grinder, which in turn freezes the spices and removes heat from the spices, so as to better retain the flavor of the spices and prevent the volatile components of the spices from escaping. Therefore, low-temperature freezing also improves the grinding quality of spices. Refrigerants can also be used to preserve temperature-sensitive food during transportation, and in this case, conventional cooling of the product may not be efficient. The following are the advantages of low-temperature freezing: The rapid freezing of food reduces time and effort. ? The quality of the product is maintained. ? Extend the shelf life of the product. ? Low installation and maintenance costs, requiring minimal manpower. ? Improve product handling. ? Uniform freezing of the product. ? The formation of small ice crystals reduces the chance of freezing burns. ?Compared with conventional freezing methods, the dehydration of food is less, and it also reduces oxidative rancidity. The use of cryogenic freezing in India is still in the development stage, and demonstration and more understanding of the technology is needed before it can appear in the Indian market. The use of cryogenic freezing will benefit the Indian market in all aspects and will also help India export higher quality food. (The author is the R&D manager of Soch Foods LLP) This page allows you to send the current page to your friends. Your friend’s email ID: Your email ID: Post your comment* Name: * Email: Website: Comment: Captcha:  

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